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This is a mixed modality massage uses Strokes pressure and stretching Geared mostly towards athletes and active people and can be very beneficial for everyone.

Deep Tissue and Triggr Point Therapy

Focused on relaxing knots and Releasing myofacial adhesion.

Thai Yoga

This massage could be called Assisted yoga. Lengthens tired Muscles, increases circulation and Reduces stress

Lomi Lomi

This traditional massage from Hawaii is fast paced, Consist mostly of long flowing strokes it is very relaxing and Beneficial for circulation.


What most people in the U.S think Of when you say “massage” Includes strokes, kneading and pressure to reduce stress, increase Circulation and injury recovery.


Can include any of the above. Couples massage is relaxing, great and for date night or special occasions.

To make an appointment you can call or text us at: 801-631-9170

Amazing Massage is located at 2725 East Parleys way. SLC Utah 84109
Phone: 801-631-9170